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Vidyut uvacha: Love, sex, and relationships

The Role of Women in Indian Society POSTED BY: VIDYUT MARCH 16, 2007
There is no point pushing the women down. What needs to happen is the removal of the “un-machoness” associated with responsibilities at home and recognise it as the actions of a responsible and independent individual, whether male or female. This would actually add some power to the increasingly “lazy” image of men among women and empower them with some self-respect, while empowering the women with acceptance and support from the one source that matters the most.
Please note that I am not speaking of every man out here. There are many couples who are already on this journey and find themselves comfortable both inside and outside the home, and the mutual respect and closeness can be seen a mile off in such couples. I sincerely think that this is an important adaption that is the need of today’s times.

I have rather radical thoughts about love, sex and relationships. I wish to state them, because I am getting increasingly itchy about the compulsive prudery pervading everything these days, even as divorce rates soar, premarital sex thrives… SOCIAL THINKINGWOMEN'S RIGHTS JULY 25, 2015

Much has been spoken of the dangers to women because of sexually repressed views. Men are generally seen to be the aggressors, delineating what is allowed and what isn’t, in such descriptions. There is an understanding… HEALTHSOCIAL THINKING AUGUST 1, 2015 Vidyut is a blogger on issues of National interest. Staunch advocate of rights, learning and freedoms. @Vidyut

Women's rights and porn - by @Vidyut

[Alcohol is well documented to change behavior. Abusive behavior increases dramatically with alcohol.] @Vidyut

@IndiaToday My detailed view: The porn dilemma. To ban, or not to ban, is the question. - #YourSpace

Saying it explicitly: Why Indian women watch porn @bitingfriends did a great job of representing views. Thanks!

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