Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sanjeev Sabhlok vs. Viswa Ghosh

These are extracts from a couple of emails I wrote recently: Liberty does not (yet) resonate with the people of India, who can’t make the link (which is complex) between liberty and integrity/prosperity. It is the job of leaders to show them how this…
Gokhale and Ambedkar were the more sophisticated classical liberals in Indian history. Rajaji’s Swatantra came closest to this approach – by opposing Fabian socialism. The task of Gokhale, Ambedkar, Rajaji and Masani (and I’d argue, Chanakya) is an ongoing one. There is no party in India today (except SBP) that is focused squarely on liberty.
God gave up on India quite some time ago. God’s current recommendation: get out of India in one piece, while you can. Go and flourish outside this God forsaken country where the socialists have strangled all enterprise. Below are some images collated from… 

Viswa Ghosh commented on a video on YouTube.
The question is: In an alternate view of the future of our civilization, how do we eliminate the evil empire that is headquartered in Washington DC, and backed up by the lackey in London?
(NSA, I hope you are listening in?)

Viswa Ghosh commented on a video on YouTube.
US citizens should remove the Statue of Liberty and replace it with Edward Snowden's statue (nothing to do with gender bias here). Ed is almost synonymous with FREEDOM and FIGHT AGAINST EVIL (yes, the empire that US intelligence services and corporate America has established hands-in-glove with the white house and pentagon).
I am sure, some NSA person is reading this as I write! :-)

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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