Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Buddhist missionaries who visited Egypt

Truth and triviality: Christianity, natural law, and human rights - For every phenomenon there is an indefinite, if not infinite, number of both continuities and discontinuities with what came before. To assert continuity, ...

The Influence of Buddhism on Primitive Christianity
by Arthur Lillie.
A volume that proves that much of the New Testament is parable rather than history will shock many readers, but from the days of Origen and Clement of Alexandria to the days of Swedenborg the same thing has been affirmed. The proof that this parabolic writing has been derived from a previous religion will shock many more. The biographer of Christ has one sole duty, namely, to produce the actual historical Jesus. In the New Testament there are two Christs, an Essene and an anti-Essene Christ, and all modern biographers who have sought to combine the two have failed necessarily. It is the contention of this work that Christ was an Essene monk; that Christianity was Essenism; and that Essenism was due, as Dean Mansel contended, to the Buddhist missionaries "who visited Egypt within two generations of the time of Alexander the Great."

Jul 29, 2012 - In support of this origin of Christianity, the speaker gave two words, one ... who, after comparing the Christian Bible with the Buddhist scriptures, 

Sep 30, 2010 - Christianity, Buddhism, & Integral Yoga ... Sri Aurobindo can help us here, so can Mother; Nolinida but also Sastriji and M.P. Pandit and Amal

Amod Lele on Śāntideva and the impact of metaphysics on ethics - In an article available open access online (thanks for this altruistic move, Amod!), Amod recently discussed a challenging topic, namely whether there is a...

Article: The Triumph of the Individual | OpEdNews

The other half according to Sri Aurobindo, is to be found in the depths of Death, Unconsciousness, and in the very heart of Evil. The key to a divine life is to ...

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