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Cultivate the most authentic connection to one another

Integral Education: Sonya Shah - YouTube


Oct 26, 2011 - Uploaded by CIIS_SF
CIIS faculty and administrators answer the question, "What is Integral Education?Sonya Shah, professor ...

"4 Things We Can Do To Help Heal And End Sexual Violence" by CIIS Associate Professor Sonya Shah @HuffPostWomen https://t.co/h2Cnd9fP0y
We need to hold with great care and tenderness the socialization of men, women, and transpeople that allows freedom and range of gender and emotional expression of all that we can be, and without pitting ourselves in an US and THEM, because if we don’t we’ll all continue to suffer. I have experienced and witnessed so many men and women in my cohort of peers work daily against the levels of socialization, and work through expectations put upon them so we can cultivate the most authentic connection to one another. Let’s continue to work towards this personal and interdependent liberation.

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“Didn’t that happen at that train station? If they walk around the city undressed, what else is going to happen but getting their necks slashed?”
“Stop the auto.”
He did. I disembarked silently and took a few steps away. He drove off. I didn’t note his license plate. I didn’t take a photo. What would the point of Internet-shaming him be? Would it stop women from being attacked? Would it change people’s attitudes? Or would it just be one more app-friendly act of resistance, the kind that saturates our feeds yet does not spill over into our lived practices of equal partnering, better parenting or structural overhaul? Petty wins don’t give me power trips. They give me fatigue. The battle is so much bigger, and so continuous.

That evening, I read about Qandeel Baloch’s murder at the hands of her brother. The auto driver had thought a teenage girl deserved a brutal death for wearing something she must have liked.

@ranyamanivannan - Even on the day that India gained independence, Sri Aurobindo was already looking toward post-nationalism. Visionary. http://t.co/hdi7qatH

Critical Estimate of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh’s Contribution to Indian English Poetry https://t.co/Y4yw0aM3zt

Sri Aurobindo puts forth in precise detail the synthesis of the integral yoga. https://t.co/nKlbXyIrgQ

Madhuban - Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Talla Ramgarh – https://t.co/PZ1PUwrZ1n

Video of the second Jindal lecture by @pbmehta on Nietzsche and Aurobindo @SouthAsiaBrown @WatsonInstitute  https://t.co/sUlaGLx49Y

Integral Education: Sonya Shah on Vimeo

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Oct 26, 2011
Sonya Shah, professor in the School of Undergraduate Studies at CIIS, discusses Integral Education: "I don't ...

Savitri - 033: The Yoga of the Cells by the Mother

savitri.in › resources › aug-15-2011
Jun 27, 2014 - With some (for instance, those Sri Aurobindo refers to here: the prudish or the puritans), that virtue becomes dry, barren, gray, aggressive, and almost always finds fault in all that is joyful, free ...

[Sachin in a Ferrari; how will they react if he rides a motorcycle? Take away the idols and you ruin the temple.] https://t.co/0Lzg3ptoMs

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