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Beyond the Dawn: Revaluation of Sri Aurobindo's Poetry

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3 hours ago - Click here to view / download more about the seminar · Read more about Two day National Seminar on Beyond the Dawn: Revaluation of Sri Aurobindo's Poetry ... April

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Sri Aurobindo Study Forum: Discourse on Sri Aurobindo's 'Life Divine' by Subramany, Nithyatha, Auro Lab, Veerapanjan, 10 a.m.. 

Jipmer signs MoU with Sri Aurobindo Society

The Hindu-09-Feb-2016
Jipmer and Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS), Puducherry, have signed a MoU for taking up collaborative programmes in the field of health, medical ...

When Rigveda meets Indo-secularism

[Source: The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda]. Sri Aurobindo reiterated the idea and launched a scathing attack on "polytheists" and "Europeans":.

Temple Entry Reform And Sanatana Dharma

Sri Sri has reached a position in the society as a teacher of Yoga. .... 
Thanks for sharing some personal details... I also started early in my age with Vivekananda, Shankara and Ramana Maharishi. Shankara established the vedic hinduism strongly, that is his main credit, no doubt. But soon I got disillusioned. Later I found lot of inconsistencies and mis-interpretations and I rejected it outright.
But Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga attracted me and made more sense in theory and practice. It gave me solace and his writings are amazingly clear and highly spiritualised. But later I was not satisfied and searched for the true meaning of vedanta and found out only with vaishnava acharyas- Sri Raghavendra and Acharya Madhva (of dvaita school or Tatvavada) who gave the true spiritual meanings of the scriptures. It gave me lot of perspectives and changed my vision completely. It seems we are in the opposite poles of spirituality. May be, at different times/stages various people/siddhanta help us in our evolution.

The Sacrifice of Sri Aurobindo - YouTube
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The Sacrifice of Sri Aurobindo ... Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir 379 views. 13:25. Dr Nigel Osborne's visit to ...

Feast for art and culture enthusiasts

The Hindu-27-Jan-2016
Ms. Sumati received her initial training under Guru Sri Hemangini Desai at the SriAurobindo International Centre of Education in Puducherry. The event will take ...

Celebrating TN's culture and folk history

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The two-day Auroville and Puducherry Village Heritage Festival to celebrate the ... Mohanam Center for Culture and Heritage, under the Auroville Village Action ...


The Hindu-12-Feb-2016
Tourism Department and Auroville: 3{+r}{+d}Auroville and Puducherry Village Heritage Festival 2016, Mohanam Cultural and Heritage Centre, Alankuppam, ...

Adishakti to interpret Ganapati as a concept of inclusivity

The Hindu-12-Feb-2016
... of inclusivity, Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts and Research is staging the play Ganapati at Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas,Auroville on Tuesday.

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Four-day symposium on music, dance and theatre

The Hindu-06-Feb-2016
Works of Ashesh Joshi, an artist from Auroville, Pondicherry, are on display. According to a press release, the show is about harmony and nature. The show ...
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Artistes pledge to build an exclusive auditorium in Puducherry

The Hindu-06-Feb-2016
Why should not we think of building one between Auroville and Puducherry? We can work with the government as part of the Smart City project. We should bank ...

How the past plays on the present

The Hindu-04-Feb-2016
'Past is Present,' a documentary theatre by Basel-based Swiss director Corinne Maier will explore this theme when the play is staged at Auroville on Friday.

Story image for auroville from The Hindu

The Journey of a Photographer

The Hindu-28-Jan-2016
... years, the passion for architecture remained alive in him and also brought him to India for the first time in 1987 to look at the AurovilleAshram in Pondicherry.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Racist stereotypes about Muslims, migrants, and non-Europeans › 2016/02/03 Wednesday, February 3, 2016 — Marika Rose.
I’ve been thinking recently about the links between Žižek’s Eurocentrism and the role that Christianity plays in his work, and in doing so I’ve been returning to some of his earlier work, in which he’s less interested, as of late, in the notion of a Europe under threat from the fantasies of its external others and more interested in the ways in which his native Balkans get caught up in the fantasies of Western Europe. I was struck, repeatedly, by the contrast between Žižek’s analysis of the Balkans’ relationship to Europe and his recent discussions of European attitudes to immigration. 

I wish that Žižek would read Arun Kundnani’s account of the West’s role in creating “Islamist terror”; I wish he would read Christine Delphy’s discussion of the role that feminism has long played in French racism. But mostly I wish he would recognise in his own discussions of the Muslim world the complex and destructive fantasies he is able to see in Western Europe’s attitude to the Balkans. Žižek has a tendency to lazily repeat more or less racist stereotypes about Muslims, migrants and non-Europeans. What his own work suggests is that actually this makes a lot of sense, because his discussion of these issues is precisely an Orientalist fantasy of a world in which what everybody else most strongly desires is to become European. It’s frustrating that he cannot recognise this hypocrisy. 
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Collective Yoga cannot be confined to a coterie

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Auroville, locus for a larger discourse

The Economic Times, today, carries a nice leader article, From sin-cities to cities of joy by Pothik Ghosh, which examines several issues relating to urbanization in India. At a time when SEZs are a hot topic and democracy is at war with economics, Ghosh’s vision of reviving our traditional University towns as model habitats comes as a breath of fresh air. Even, reading the names of The Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Bhatkhande Institute of Music & Musicology and Bharatendu Natak Academy in The Economic Times itself is an eye opener.

In the context of city-building, education and environment, the name of Auroville immediately comes to the mind. The socio-political concerns that the Aurovillians are engaged with should form a part of the larger discourse that the new India is encountering. The cultural hiatus that the affluent portion of India is struggling with, is also akin to the Aurovillians’ aspiration for material perfection along with spiritual realization. It is for the Savitri Erans to judge all these issues critically so as to develop a harmonized theory for socio-cultural living.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Discarded history

The Life Divine (CWSA Vol. 21 & 22) is in hand. It is nice to see the Mottoes printed in a larger font. But the lack of an index is a great handicap. Incomplete drafts of The Life Divine are now available in the Isha Upanishad volume. But what about the discarded eight Arya chapters? Will they be accommodated somewhere in the Series?

For, unused versions of a certain chapter of The Synthesis of Yoga are appearing in the Reference volume. And here, it is a question of whole chapters, already published. The historical and hermeneutical importance of the Arya writings is immense. One wonders how The Complete Works would be complete without them.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Amchi Mother

Some years ago, the residents of Mumbai (then, Bombay), under the banner of “Our Mumbai,” used to demand that there should not be any new influx into the city. A similar mindset prevails among the believers in The Mother and Sri Aurobindo also. That we are the chosen few engaged in a grand spiritual adventure and lesser mortals remain consigned to their petty religious activities. Steer clear of mass conversions, they warn.

Such an attitude is elitist, chauvinistic, and snobbish to say the least. The Unschooled has the same claim on The Mother as the scholarly and no one has any right or authority to preclude others. A simple faith can be a great passport to the Master’s vicinity while all learning fails. The notion of the Life Divine or Collective Yoga cannot be confined to a centre, a coterie or a caucus. The Supramental is free to propel any large mass out of the six billion of us.

Mass media and mass culture is swaying the people like never before. In such circumstances, Saviri Era as a youthful religion can make a dent by its fresh appeal. To carry the information forward down to the last mile is the initial challenge. Faith is, of course, the recipient’s choice.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Salvation via Hegel

It is a welcome sign that theoretical debates are cropping up stirring religious beliefs. The evolution vs. intelligent design discourse has hardly died down and we have this he-she imbroglio. While Wilber’s painstakingly built AQAL edifice, like the Al Quida, is corroding from the inside in the manner of a cancer, the papal glasnost is also proceeding towards an inevitable Gorvachevsque denouement.

All this is a matter of glee for the Savitri Erans and reason enough to laugh up their sleeves. Let there be more of navel gazing so that Hegel once again become a rage and from there Sri Aurobindo is just a stone’s throw away.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Savitri Era is the sunlit path

“Is religion the new fashion?” was the debate CNN-IBN aired an hour ago. But religion has always been in fashion, from the pre-historic times. It is one of the basic emotions and inspirations of man.

Perhaps a more appropriate observation would be that the fashion of religious practices keep changing. Opting for the newest offerings entails a lot of emotional trauma. And, enormous energy is wasted in trial and error.

Savitri Era is the sunlit path as assembled by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Their unremitting grace coupled with an infallible philosophy makes Savitri Era the most acceptable religion on the planet. Not to miss out on this sumptuous feast is one's free choice.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is the hour to be united for the Savitri Erans

[Do not compromise doctrine in dialogue, Pope says Keep true to Christian identity, pope tells pilgrims at audience By Cindy Wooden10/11/2006 Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) – Christians are called to form a united community of faith where social status and politics do not divide them and where dialogue with the world does not mean hiding the truths of the Christian faith, Pope Benedict XVI said. "Certainly the path of understanding and dialogue, which the Second Vatican Council happily undertook, must continue with firm constancy," he said Oct. 11 at his weekly general audience. "But this path of dialogue, which is so necessary, must not lead us to forget our obligation to recall and demonstrate with the same energy the principal elements of our Christian identity, which cannot be renounced," he said.]
Savitri Erans the world over must follow the cited words of the Pope in letter and spirit with regard to their faith in The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. This is the hour to be united to help the manifestation of the Supramental at the physical level.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Religion is basically mind-space, but also concerns real-estate. Savitri Erais in the process of expanding in both the spheres. Perhaps an exponential expansion is in the offing. More and more roads, buildings, schools, libraries, centres, retreats, industries, businesses, down to books-selves in residences are coming under The Mother’s lien. The material too should consent to be carried along with the aspirational.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should resign

It is a criminal offence on the part of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In his acceptance address on being conferred with an honorary degree of Doctor of Law, he spoke about the links between India and Cambridge. So many names he recalled, but forgot the name of Sri Aurobindo, the foremost poet and philosopher of India.

If this is inadvertent, then he must resign from his post for his poor memory. But if deliberate, then also he should resign for insulting the great Teacher of the Nation as well as the Savitri Erans. ¶ 2:08 AM
  1. I feel sorry for the type of "reason" you have displayed to protect and impose your idology over all Indians.