Thursday, March 04, 2010

Reproduction and Perfection

In this murky state of affairs, the world "is dead, empty, an abyss of division." And yet, here we are, like mushrooms that have sprouted in the darkness of the cosmic naughtmare.
Kirayn Chavda - Sex is basically a process of reproduction. You are going create a new life. So at the time of Sacred sex, you are having a tiny share of God's powers, and that makes you feel like the ONE, and you are closest to God. Also the act takes you in to the trans immediately. Further when it is sacred sex, you dont have any kind of guilt or fear. That makes your feel even more spiritual. 2 Mar 

Hugh Higgins - I am detached from all this discussion about Tantra, but have to say that Sri Aurobindo did not recommend physical Tantra, and even sex of any kind was barred by him from the Ashram. He taught that to reach the higher or highest spiritual ranges one must transmute the sexual instinct into something way beyond it. If there is anything "sexual" left "up there" it would be bliss and ananda beyond anything we can define and probably beyond our past experiences. It would not be expressed in physical intercourse. 2 Mar

Drew Exell - Sex is one of the oldest industries on the planet. It won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I suggest not worrying about it ; ) 2 Mar

Hugh Higgins - Yes Drew, I have always found the anti-pornography fanatics to be nuttier than the pornography-lovers, maybe. Let it be. When people have grown out of it they move on. You can't force them out, it just makes things worse. 2 Mar

Drew Exell - I agree ; ) The quickest way to get someone doing something you think they shouldn't is to forbid them from doing it ; ) Let people dabble, they will soon discover for themselves it isn't very exciting, and move on of their own accord. Trusting someone to make their own decision is always more effective than making it for them, in my experience anyway ; ) 2 Mar

It is dangerous to commit mistakes of this kind in spirituality because by the time you realise that you have gone astray, you would have ruined your life for good. Traditional wisdom (apart from plain common sense) has been repeating it from hoary times not to mix sex with spirituality and Sri Aurobindo has been uncompromisingly clear on this issue. His Yoga can be practised in spite of sex, but not through sex, and he forbade his disciples from any immixture of it. The sexual energy, however, has to be sublimated and transformed into the “pure divine Ananda in the physical”, of which sexual pleasure is “a coarse and excited degradation”. [2]
Regulating Desire, Reforming Practice
By Merry Wiesner-Hanks

The book surveys the ways in which Christian ideas and institutions shaped sexual norms and conduct from the time of Luther and Columbus to that of Thomas Jefferson. It is global in scope and geographic in organization, with chapters on Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, and North America. All the key topics are covered, including marriage and divorce, fornication and illegitimacy, clerical sexuality, same-sex relations, witchcraft and love magic, moral crimes, and inter-racial relationships.
Each chapter in this second edition has been fully updated to reflect new scholarship, with expanded coverage of many of the key issues, particularly in areas outside of Europe. Other updates include extra analysis of the religious ideas and activities of ordinary people in Europe, and new material on the colonial world.
The book sets its findings within the context of many historical fields- the history of sexuality and the body, women's history, legal and religious history, queer theory, and colonial studies- and provides readers with an introduction to key theoretical and methodological issues in each of these areas. Each chapter includes an extensive section on further reading, surveying and commenting on the newest English-language secondary literature. ISBN: 9780415491884 Published February 25 2010 by Routledge. 

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