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What it is to be educated

Indrani Sanyal and Krishna Roy
D K Printworld, New Delhi 2007 318 pp.

I. Philosophy 
1. Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo - Kireet Joshi. 
2. Integralism the distinctive feature of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy - U.C. Dubey. 

II. On Evolution 
3. Sri Aurobindo on Heraclitus A hermeneutic overview - Krishna Roy. 
4. Theories of evolution and Sri Aurobindo - Kireet Joshi. 
5. Sri Aurobindo's doctrine of evolution - Arabinda Basu. 
6. Sri Aurobindo's integral approach to the concept of evolution - Dilip Kumar Roy. 

III. On education 
7. What it is to be educated In the light of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy - Indrani Sanyal. 
8. Relevance of Sri Aurobindo's thoughts on education to teachers - Priya M. Vaidya. 
9. Education A faithful transcription - Rashmi Sethi. 

IV. On Poetry and Art 
10. The word that knows Sri Aurobindo's metaphysics of poetry - Pabitrakumar Roy. 
11. Sri Aurobindo's understanding of Indian Art - Supriyo Bhattacharya. 
12. The myth of Savitri and Satyavan the four boons - Vladimir. 
13. Some reflections on Sri Aurobindo's Essays on the Gita  - Sarnath Basu. 

V. On man and relation 
14. Sri Aurobindo's concept of man - KH. Gokulchandra. 
15. Towards a theory of true human relation Jean Paul Sartre vis–à–vis Sri Aurobindo - Susmita Bhattacharya. 

VI. On state and politics 
16. Sri Aurobindo and the uplift of humanity - Sushmita Bhowmik. 
17. The problem of state in Sri Aurobindo's political philosophy - Dasharathi Sengupta. 

VII. On yoga and psychology 18. Relevance of Sri Aurobindo in modern India - Kittu Reddy. 
19. Sri Aurobindo's conception of integral yoga - V.N. Seshagiri Rao. 
20. The mother's prayers and meditations Another manifesto of Sri Aurobindo's yoga - Goutam Ghosal. 
21. Sri Aurobindo's views on psychology Can it offer a better therapeutic model than psychoanalysis - Soumitra Basu. 

VIII. Sri Aurobindo A century in perspective 
22. Sri Aurobindo a century in perspective/Aster Patel. 
The contributors. 

Understanding thoughts of Sri Aurobindo explores various dimensions of thoughts of Sri Aurobindo (1872 1950) who is being respected as a patriot nationalist social reformer educationist historian poet visionary yogi and philosopher. Sri Aurobindo is the interpreter of the Indian philosophical and spiritual tradition and one of the ablest exponents of this tradition dating back to the Vedas and the Upanisads. Sri Aurobindo's emphasis on national education more in the cultural and spiritual sense may provide an answer to the intellectual moral and spiritual crisis. This volume focuses upon the holistic interdisciplinary approach to the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo whose views and actions have left a lasting influence on the development of modern India. Referring to his three major works The Life Divine The Synthesis of Yoga and Savitri as well as over thirty other works where he expounded his thoughts the well researched writings reveal the special features of his vision. They focus on his integral approach to the concept of evolution his notion of integral philosophy and his concept of integral Yoga. The essays include an in depth study of Sri Aurobindo's concept of man of state and views regarding uplift of humanity. This book contains scholarly articles that seek to unravel the may dimensions of his thoughts. Students researchers and persons interested in Sri Aurobindo studies will be immensely benefited from this volume.

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