Friday, October 09, 2009

Are dalit women more “liberated”?

EPW Current Issue : VOL 44 No. 40 October 03 - October 09, 2009 See Full Contents>>

Violence against Women via Cyberspace Anita Gurumurthy, Niveditha Menon
A report on a consultation on women and the use of information technologies that addressed how policy choices need to avoid narratives of fear around new technologies, narratives that can effectively constrain women’s freedom to use digital spaces. [Abstract] [Full Article]

Amchya Jalmachi Chittarkatha (The Bioscope of Our Lives): Who Is My Ally?
Shailaja Paik
This paper questions the commonly-held view by mainstream feminists and some dalit men that dalit women are somehow more “liberated” than high caste women. I argue that dalit women also face patriarchal oppression, though it has a specific quality [Abstract] [Full Article]

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