Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cyclone tourism

Urban groups make pleasure trips on relief work pretext
Times of India - After the cyclone, the deluge. A sea of humanity some well-meaning and nearly all clueless has descended on the Sunderbans post-Aila, turning emergency relief work into a farcical show of generosity and spawning a disturbing culture of cyclone tourism.

Women's quota bill: Sharad Yadav threatens suicide - KILL BILL: Sharad Yadav threatens suicide in Parliament, but Speaker Meira Kumar choses to ignore. is on mobile now. Read news, watch videos be a Citizen Journalist.

Sotomayor's 'wise Latina' comment a staple of her speeches
CNN - WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Judge Sonia Sotomayor has spoken for years about how her experiences as a Latina woman have influenced her public and private life.

Men 'out-performed at university'
BBC News - Female students are ahead of men in almost every measure of UK university achievement, according to a report from higher education researchers... The report looks more closely at this divide and addresses the suggestion that even though women are ahead in numbers, that men might still dominate in the most prestigious subjects and institutions... Mr Bekhradnia says that this could reflect differences in how boys now learn through play - with an increase in time spent on computer games and watching television, rather than physical play. GCSEs blamed for boys not going to university Tear up these exams or we're going to leave our boys behind U.TV

Whiteness and Morality: Pursuing Racial Justice Through Reparations and Sovereignty - By Jennifer Harvey pp. 49-50(2) Author: Hill, Jack A.

Gandhi and Jesus: The Saving Power of Nonviolence - By Terrance J. Rynne pp. 50-50(1)

Christian Origins - By Jonathan Knight pp. 52-52(1) Author: Bernas, Casimir

Jesus is Dead - By Robert M. Price pp. 54-55(2) Author: Bernas, Casimir

Jewish Tradition and the Challenge of Darwinism - Edited by Geoffrey Cantor and Marc Swetlitz pp. 63-64(2) Author: Plevan, William

The Quest for Jewish Assimilation in Modern Social Science - By Amos Morris-Reich pp. 64-64(1) Author: Ury, Scott

Theology Without Words: Theology in the Deaf Community - By Wayne Morris pp. 42-42(1) Author: Klink, Aaron

Thou Who Art: The Concept of the Personality of God - By John A.T. Robinson pp. 45-45(1) Author: Nausner, Michael

Tayloring Reformed Epistemology: Charles Taylor, Alvin Plantinga, and the De Jure Challenge to Christian Belief - By Deane-Peter Baker pp. 32-32(1) Author: Boring, Wendy Petersen

What are They Saying about Fundamentalisms? - By Peter A. Huff pp. 69-69(1) Author: Bauder, Kevin T.

The Lives of SRI Aurobindo - By Paul Heehs pp. 71-71(1) Author: Gleig, Ann

The Bhagavadgita: Doctrines and Contexts - By Angelika Malinar pp. 72-73(2) Author: Fort, Andrew O.

Understanding Karma: In Light of Paul Ricoeur's Philosophical Anthropology and Hermeneutics - By Shrinivas Tilak pp. 73-73(1) Author: Sil, Narasingha P. Religious Studies Review Personalia 2009

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