Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ancient Indian culture was closer to the Goa Model of Liberty than the Taliban

Against Our Desi Taliban from ANTIDOTE by Sauvik

Fortunately, our ancestors have left behind telling records of the liberties they enjoyed. Chanakya’s Arthashastra contains a chapter on the regulation of drinking taverns. An interesting rule stipulates that if a traveler passes out in a tavern, the tavern owner is liable for the safety of his person and properties.

The Arthashastra lists out alcoholic drinks that were locally made. It also contains a longer list of alcoholic drinks that were imported. No swadeshi at all. This was India circa 350 BC. There must have been thousands of drinking taverns in Takshashila, Pataliputra and the other great cities of the time. And there was music, dance and entertainment – for the Arthashastra also contains a chapter on the regulation of these arts, and the women who practice them. Ancient Indian culture was closer to the Goa Model of Liberty than the Taliban.

In this war between party animals and political party animals let it be widely known that we who detest political parties and love all other kinds have history and tradition on our side. Including the tradition of liberal public administration. What do our enemies have on their side? God?

We Hindus are lucky that we have many gods, many holy books, and many godmen. We have no pope. Our priests are competitive service providers. They cannot issue fatwas. Our religion teaches us to look for moksha our own way, through our own guru. And we have many false gurus. Many false sadhus. Many false godmen. So the path before us is strictly individualistic. We are not a communitarian faith.

The Hindoos who want to talibanize us want to turn us into a communitarian faith – like the Sikhs, Parsees, Christians and Muslims. They want to do this not because they value religion: rather, they want to take over our The State, which is itself based on collectivism. We Must Not Be Fooled Again. So party on, dudes, as Free Individuals. And fuck all the collectivists.

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