Thursday, July 24, 2008

Puri peregrination

HC orders bitter couple to take Puri trip Times of India - 24 Jul 2008, KOLKATA: Playing the saviour of marriages yet again, Calcutta High Court on Wednesday directed an estranged couple to take a five-day trip to Puri with their child....
The court then suggested that the couple should spend some time together by themselves — away from their families. After consultation with lawyers from both sides, the judge decided on Puri. Justice Banerjee directed the couple to leave for Puri on Friday with their five-year-old daughter. They are to return to Kolkata on July 30 and appear before the court a day later. The judge felt that the child may act as a bonding factor for the couple. Spending some time with each other may also help them to get rid of certain misconceptions.

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