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The demeaning way in which religions view women

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Women should take a good look at religions because creeds have never behaved as if females mattered. It is a strange sociological phenomenon, but in all nations of the world, women are more spiritual then men. Independent of the religion prevailing in a country, women tend to kneel and pray in larger numbers than men.
Due to the above, it should not surprise that in all continents women are less inclined to doubt religious dogma than men. For some reason, females accept the arguments of clerics more easily than their male counterparts. Through history, the great agnostics, secularists and atheists such as Socrates, Da Vinci, Voltaire, Darwin, Nietzche or Sartre were all men.
Contrary to men, women will not to defend their faith with violence, but they will verbally do it with more enthusiasm.
Such a situation is an oxymoron considering the demeaning way in which religions view women.
In the holy books of all creeds, it is explicitly said that women are inferior to men. It is also affirmed that women must obey men because that is the will of God. Another thing that all creeds assert is that females are inherently evil and sinful. Whether Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism all view women as a source of problems.
With such premises, it is only natural that all religions have justified the oppression of females. Each has its particularities but at the end, all have treated women as second class citizens or as slaves.
Hinduism is the oldest of the large religions of today for it saw its birth almost four thousand years ago. It is a creed largely circumscribed to South Asia and is based on a caste system, which segregates people based on skin color and several other factors. At the bottom of the pyramid in this caste system, are the Untouchables. They account for about a sixth of the population of India and are the poorest.
Aside from underpinning a largely racist system, Hinduism does worst things with women. Untouchable girls for example, were for centuries given by their poor parents to Hindu temples, where they were used to appease the Gods by satisfying the sexual needs of upper caste men. That such acts happened in the past is bad enough, but the worst is that they still take place today.
There are many other horrible things that Hindu religion sanctions on matters of female oppression, but no matter how bad they are, in the other religions they are just as bad if not worst.
Of the three others, Islam takes centre stage in brutalizing women the most. It literally denies them the right to feel pretty, by veiling them and allowing others to see only their eyes. It denies them the right to education, by asserting that women’s role in society is just to rear children and to serve their spouse. It sanctions men’s right to beat them whenever they are not obedient and it even condones murder whenever they deviate sexually.
Despite the ignominious way in which religions treat women, things were a lot worse in past centuries. It does not matter which moment in time it gets analyzed, there was never a moment when females were not abused.
History shows that religions have never brought any benefits to women. Aside from oppression and humiliation, they have also brought poverty and disease due to their constant opposition to science.
In today’s developed Christian countries, the Church no longer has the power to mistreat women as it did in the past, but it continues to hinder technological progress by opposing science. That ultimately has terrible repercussions on women’s health because it curtails medical advances.
Considering the way religions have treated them, it is indeed a mystery why women still belief in God. They should have not long ago renounced their respective faiths.
Logic suggests that women should not just renounce their faith, but they should also become committed atheists. It is evident that the more they oppose religion, the larger the chances that science will be able to do great things for them. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO MY WEBSITE

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