Monday, January 15, 2007

4 core types & 3 core strategies

How types, strategies, and stations all fit together: In recent posts we've looked at the the 4 core types (masculine, feminine, introvert, and extravert) and the 3 core strategies (cardinal, fixed, and mutable). These are some of the most basic patterns that organize the human personality and therefore our experience of ourselves, our worldspaces, and worldviews.
When put together, the 4 types and 3 strategies may be arranged into 12 distinct combinations. It is no coincidence that these 12 combinations are the same as the 12 stations of life used by Whole Writing. Each station depicts a particular orientation to reality, a set of competencies that must be faced (and hopefully successfully navigated), a set of concerns and strategies for advancement, and a set of developmental potentials.
Perhaps the clearest way of introducing the 12 stations is to identify briefly how each of the stations reflect the core types and strategies. At the most fundamental levels, these are the building blocks of who we are, what we do, and how we change.
If you are familiar with astrology, then it will be helpful for you to think of the core types, core strategies, and stations as analogous to elements, qualities, and signs. However, knowledge of astrology is not required. (In the following discussion, a mythopoetic expression of how the stations appear is offered as an aid in visualizing the progression from 0 to B.)... Monday, January 08, 2007 posted by Joe Perez at 1/08/2007

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