Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gagdad Bob of One Cosmos

Who stumbles out of bed each morning at 5:00 AM, seizes the wheel of the cosmic bus, and embarks on a bewilderness adventure of higher nondoodling?
Who loiters on the threshold of the transdimensional doorway, looking for handouts from Petey?
Who, with Cousin Dupree's pliers and a blowtorch, has wrested the ancient sword from the stoned philosopher and stuck it in the breadbasket of metaphysical ignorance and tenure?
Whose blog is the vertical church of the New Testavus for the Restavus, channeling the roaring torrent of O into the feeble stream of cyber-k?
Whose absurcular mythunderstanding blows the locked doors of the empyrean off their rusty old hinges?
Who chucks the first water balloon out the hotel window at the annual Raccoon convention?
Who gets to steer the boat up to Raccoon Point this year? Bob! Can you dig it? My Web Page

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