Thursday, November 16, 2006

I chose love

Ned Says: November 15th, 2006 at 10:28 pm I should quickly introduce myself on this forum, since I have been a lurker here for quite a while, but I haven’t contributed anything yet. I’m a friend of Alan’s and have known him for quite some time now. I had a kundalini awakening after being sexually abused. In healing from sexual abuse and dealing with a lot of other issues as well, I discovered spirituality (I was previously a secular agnostic) and Integral philosophy. Perhaps some day I can share my experiences in detail. Two things I have noted about this forum:
(1) Where are the women? Everyone here seems to be male! (I’m a woman, in spite of my nickname. )
(2) Alan is totally right about this forum being over-intellectual. Integral theory is missing the point. Spirituality, at its core, is not about theory. Theory is a very useful tool, but it is just that — a tool. In healing from sexual abuse, I ended up having to make a choice: will I enslave my ability to love unconditionally to my faculty of reason, or will I enslave my faculty of reason to my ability to love unconditionally? I chose love, and that is why intellectual disagreements or challenges don’t threaten my faith anymore.

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