Monday, March 20, 2006

Where shall I go!

Bishnupada Sethi
Leaving this land,
For which I am only a trustee
As a tribal, I am duty bound
To pass it on to the generation next!
Who would shift the banyan tree!
And the village spirits lying underneath.
What would happen to the streams?
Singing praises in the names of God,
And the rocks lying there,
Our monuments for ages.
I will set my ancestors free,
Whose spirits I had installed in the home;
I am not sure,If they won't be angry,
As I failed to preserve things, given to me.
They were lucky,They knew no state,
No king ever ruled them before.
After I leave the land,
They would build the modern temple
For making gold out of earth.
A new era would dawn
With promises of more happiness;
And I know not for sureIf it means anything
To me or people like me.


  1. The poem perfectly depicts the mental picture of a tribal person being uprooted from the soil. One of the greatest poems that I have ever read.

  2. I would urge upon the state government to give very responsible position to Mr. Sethi. Such sensitive officers are capable of changing the current image of Orissa.

    All the best!

    Jayant Dash

  3. Amiya Kumar Acharya4:34 PM, March 23, 2006

    Dedicated experiments & experiences with tribals in a KBK district - Nuapada has made the Administrator to jot a poem on their behalf - who are yet to comeout with their voices.
    I am astonished to find a poet in Mr. sethi with such arrangement of beautiful words.
    Expect more in future.

  4. Keep it up! I see you as the poet of the people by 2010.

    Love and regards,

    Thomas Michael
    Washington DC

  5. True feelings of a person being uprooted!


  6. I was pleased to meet this great man, while I was on a mission to India recently. I am in possession of a book written by him. A passionate thinker indeed!

    Worldbank, Washington