Monday, December 12, 2005

Lakshmi Parvati Draupadi

Lakshmi Parvati resurrected By Radha Viswanath – Asian Tribune 2004-09-12
Lakshmi Parvati: You may recall that I was doing a biography of NTR when we got married. Then I got busy with so many things that that work remained unfinished. I have completed it now. It is in two volumes, and was released just before the assembly elections in the state. The Telugu volumes are now being translated into Hindi and English. I expect them to be ready for release early next year. Since the political climate in the state now is not suitable for the growth of my party, I am using my time to further my literary interests. I am working on a novel. It is called “Draupadi”, named after the mythological character in the Mahabharata. It is a contemporary work of fiction on woman in modern times. It is a message-oriented novel, which, I am sure will be a hit with all book lovers.

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