Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hormonal urges to which all men are susceptible

Psychoanalytic Views of Mental Health from An und für sich by Jeremy
Recently Nancy McWilliams, a prominent American analyst, presented at my graduate program. Here’s her list of mental health. Let me know what you think.
Signs of Mental Health based on McWilliams’ Presentation at GWU (March 2012):
1) Capacity to Love (Freud)
2) Capacity to Work (Freud)
3) Capacity to Play (Winnicott)
4) Secure Attachment (Bowlby)
5) Sense of Agency/Autonomy (Erikson)
6) Self Constancy/Identity Integration (Stern)
7) Object Constancy (Stern)
8) Ego Strengths (Westen/Shedler)
9) Realistic/Reliable Self-esteem (Kohut)
10) Sense of Values (Superego) (Cleckley)
11) Affect/Thought Tolerance/Frustration (Tomkins)
12) Insight (Reality Testing) (Fenichel)
13) Mentalization (Reflective Functioning) (Fonagy)
14) Good Coping Strategies/Defensive Flexibility (A Freud)
15) Balance between Self-Definition & Self-in-Relationships (Balint)
16) Passion/Vitality/Purpose (Winnicott)
17) Acceptance & Capacity to Mourn/Suffer (Klein)
Notice, the absence of sex and aggression!

Yet, the karmic deeds of a past when kundalini forces—and the hormonal urges to which all men are susceptible—played havoc with a spiritual practice aren’t proving so easy to bury.

In everyday life, people frequently engage in pseudo-interactions with women (e.g., through the phone or the internet) or anticipate interacting with a woman later on. The goal of the present research was to investigate if men's ...

What the theory and the empirical results are saying is that people exposed to a higher risk of sexual harassment are paid more, just as people exposed to a higher risk of death are paid more… Nevertheless, the principle here is clear, the way to think about these issues is not to throw out economic reasoning but to apply the reasoning ever more deeply.

I argued in The Democracy of Objects that it’s actually the masculine side of the graph of sexuation that’s semblance, masquerade, and fiction 

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