Monday, November 14, 2011

Understanding women on spiritual basis

Spiritual Basis of Feminism: Women in Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy
Deepak Sharma, Associate Professor, SGND Khalsa College, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110005

The present paper attempts a study of the problem of feminism as a spiritual problem with special reference to the philosophical traditions of Sri Aurobindo. By Aurobindo’s philosophy we mean the writings of Sri Aurobindo as well as those of The Mother. For, a spiritual reality is at the basis of all others; the divine world is the eternal foundation on which are built all the other worlds. In regard to this Supreme Reality all are equal, men and women, in rights and in duties; the only distinction which can exist in this domain being based on the sincerity and ardour of aspiration, on the constancy of the will. And it is in the recognition of this fundamental spiritual equality that can be found the only serious and lasting solution for this problem of the relation of the sexes. In view of the above the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother devotes a place to the understanding of women in the society. The Mother’s, writings on the subject form a crucial and enlightening study of women and their true role. She has highlighted various natural qualities of woman like a great organising capacity, and psychic and intutitive faculties etc. The Mother reminds woman that she should remember that she comes from the same supreme source as man, and so is in no way inferior to him. According to Mother, woman has a distinct, a unique role to play for the future humanity. The Women's Council, an integral part of Sri Aurobindo Society, lays emphasis on `Woman' herself than on her rights, condition and circumstances. The Mother has studied the role of woman as a mother, as a conscientious worker, as a shakti the goddess of power. The paper attempts a comprehensive study of the views of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as enshrined in their writings.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Boita Bandana 2011

Bal Jagruti Association celebrating Boita Bandana Utsav for 8th time in Delhi on 10th November 2011 at India Gate Boating Place.