Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Indians live side by side with different ideas, different life style, different culture and morals

Yaser Farid - Buzz - India is the only country in the world that has true democracy and true respect for all religions.
Yaser Farid - Go ahead mamta name me another, US does not respect other religion other than Christianity, national holidays in US are for Christians only. India is the only country that gives national holidays even to 2.5% Christians and 0.001% Parsi's on Parsi new year day. Mar 9
Yaser Farid - @Vijaya people are much more tolerant than anywhere in the world.
With a huge population it isn't easy to control so many people and not ever person is good, but after no matter what happens, Indians live side by side with different ideas, different life style, different culture and morals.
In US you could be deplaned if you look middle eastern, in
France you cannot wear head cover if you're Muslim, just looking Indian in Australia could cause problems, just looking Indian in Middle East is automatic indication that you're not to be treated right.
I have lived away from
India for past 35 years I grew up in Saudi Arabia and I even look middle eastern, but living here when I go to sports club and talk to other "arabs" I get respect as long as they think I'm an Arab. When I visit India that is once per year for 15 - 20 days, I normally go to sports club and no matter who is there they are just friendly, they might be Hindu, Christian or who ever but they are very very friendly unlike here.
Its a miracle that
India is running with so much poverty, so many problem, yet all people working together in harmony, its only those few evil people who turn people against each other on their differences. Mar 9

Sri Aurobindo’s Marriage—a discussion by Raman Reddy pertaining to a few aspects in context of the latest biography published by the Columbia University Press. Comment posted by: Raman Reddy, V.
Dear Auroman, 
I was, of course, speaking in the context of this particular debate when I said that Indian disciples of Sri Aurobindo should awaken their intellects to take on the challenge that is coming from the West. The challenge is also how to integrate the best of Western culture with the best of the East, or rather spirituality with intellect and science. The problem comes up when there are acute differences on the nature of this integration. The question that comes up is whether the intellect should be subsumed to the higher power or whether spirituality should be merely considered for an interesting study (without really practising it), so that you start drawing all sorts of ignorant conclusions based on your surface understanding. I am not against intellectual study per se, because even as I make this comment, I am exercising my intellect. But there is an inherent limitation of the mind with regard to the deeper aspects of our being, which we should always keep at the back of our minds while using the mind.

With regard to global integration which all of us want, we often hear a lot of talk about world unity, etc without really an understanding of what it really means practically. Americans of a certain type (there are otherwise wonderful Americans who deserve my admiration) want world unity the way George Bush would want – run over every country in the world on some pretext or the other for the good of the world. This colonial mentality should go. Mostly such people do not even realise that they are stepping on other people’s toes so confident they are about their ideas and plans. On the other hand, many Indians with their age-old docility and tolerance either kowtow too easily to these so-called modern concepts or reject them in toto. What is needed is clarity of thought based on a deeper understanding of life and the strength to stand by it.

For example, let us take the example of modern sexuality. Do we want spirituality downgraded to the level of common sex in order to integrate Western culture with Indian yoga? Or do we want spirituality to integrate modern ideas of liberality in order to do the same? I would certainly go for the latter, in which case the stifling conventions of Indian conventions will be avoided without losing out on the essential purpose of life. This is the crux of the problem – which principle should dominate? And we are furiously fighting for it all in the name of world-unity. But the solution is simple as the Mother says in a message given in 1952 on the occasion of the opening of the
Ashram School (the message is actually a precursor to the concept of Auroville). 

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